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It is beyond doubt that we produce leather jackets and other goods with first-rate material and hence the quality of our products is worth admiring and long lasting. For us, the most valuable assets are our clients and we strive to bring what is best for them. No matter how the circumstances are, our company never experiences a downfall. We have co-partnership with established tannery producing 30 million square feet leather and state of art leather garment manufacturing 8, 00, 000 leather garments annually. Our co-partnership has propelled our company name to levels of excellence. Our expertise ranges from raw materials to all kinds of finished products. We are proud of ourselves as we have exported our articles to UK, Canada, America and various other European countries around the globe. We provide a competitive price of leather goods which justifies our cost-leadership strategy. OUR VALUES
We have always managed to keep our legacy of producing perfect leather goods in terms of quality since the day the company was brought into action. We price our goods at affordable price. The economic fall does not affect our production rate. We never compromise on the quality and therefore discard those products that do not meet our requirements. We aim at providing the best and incomparable material that our clients trust to wear. Our company comprises of hard working and dedicated employees that contribute to the fullest in the growth of the company. PROVIDING WHAT CUSTOMER EXPECTS
We have a distinct team of designers that utilize their skills in creating something unique and striking. They move side by side with the latest trends and provide the best products that are according to customers’ specifications. We stay abreast of the latest technologies by implementing new technical ideas and focusing on the use of modern equipments. COMPLETE WINTER WEAR SOLUTIONS
We have a wide range of products including fashionable jackets, replica jackets and biker jackets. All the products have good longevity and add beauty to the personality when worn. The fashionable jackets are created after keeping all the latest trends in minds. Apart from this, our biker jackets would give you a braver and tougher look that you desire to have!